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Mabuhay Breeze Resort - Info & Activities
Alona Beach - Panglao Island - Bohol

General Information


Another gem of the Visayas, Bohol is a tropical refuge of natural beauty.

Bohol is the main island of Bohol Province together with 75 minor surrounding islands. The island lies southeast from Cebu Island & southwest of Leyte Island in Central Visayas region.Mabuhay Breeze resort - Bohol - Panglao - Chocolate Hill

This oval-shaped island is the tenth largest of the Philippine archipelago

Bohol is not as internationally famous as nearby Boracay, but is well-known locally as a paradise for divers & snorkelers.The shoreline of the island is skimmed by gentle coves & white sand beaches.

Dolphin watching & whale watching tours are popular with both residents & visiting tourists.

In addition to white sand beaches & dive spots, Bohol is famous among others, for its Chocolate Hills, the Tarsier - arguably the world's smallest primate, heritage sites & elderly stone church buildings.


Mabuhay Breeze resort - Bohol - Panglao - Virgin IslandPanglao is famous for its pretty dive spots & its coral reef, as well as plenty of several islet ideal for beach bathing. Gak-ang ang Pontod are islets that riddles the beauty of Balicasag island.

Balicasag island is an islet within the boundary of Panglao island which offers a magnificent beauty for diving adventurer.

Pontod islet is co-opted by uninformed tourists guides & unccustomed tourist promoters an named as "virgin island".

Pontod islet is a name that connects the historical & cultural blue-print of the Island of Panglao.

Panglao Geography

Panglao is made of Maribojoc Limestone, the youngest of the limestone units present in the western area of Bohol.

Panglao has a terrain that range from plain, hilly to mountainous.

Fascinating geological feature present in the island is the Hinagdanan Cave which has an underground water source. The cave is an important water source as the island has no rivers or lakes.

It also boasts of the presence of of the most stunning dive spots that carries a glimpse of an awesome sea world treat.

Activities & Things to See

Diving & Snorkeling

Bohol offers some of the best dive spots in the Philippines. The nearby reef offers a thrilling wall dive, covered with colorful hard & soft corals. A short boat ride away; turtles, barracuda & sometimes other large fish like schooling jacks & tuna await you. Colorful reef dwellers like trumpet-, parrot- & cuttlefish, angel fishes, batfishes & so on are found on every dive.

Diving trips can be arrange on a dalily basis. It is also possible to organise PADI diving courses from Open water to Instructor. Long term stay rates are negotiable.

Hinagdanan Cave

Snorkellers can experience the refreshingly chilled waters of Hinagdanan Cave at Bingag, on the islands northern coast, with its mixture of fresh and saltwater.

Sadly, the way in is entirely obscured by a small village of memento stalls.

Other Activities

Ever seen a Tarsier?

Mabuhay Breeze resort - Bohol - Panglao - TarsierIt's the world's smallest primate and in Bohol you can search for this little monkey in a specially designed sanctuary where they live 'protected' but in the wild.

Bohol also has the Loboc river cruise, a site where riverboats cruise upstream on a jungle river until cascades block the way through. Slowly meandering back down stream you will stop to look and listen to some local folklore preformed by local kids.

In BOHOL daily dive trips, kayaking, motor bike tours, repelling, zip lines, buggy driving, dolphin watching, spelunking and hiking are just some of the activities on offer.

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